Hollywood Red Carpet Event

So a few days ago I got a great opportunity to go to this event in Hollywood and mingle with some Hollywood Actors, producers, fellow bloggers, ect

It was an amazing experience to have gotten to be apart of. I wanted to share with you guys the outfit I chose to wear to this event.

So what do you wear to a red carpet mixer event? I’m not one to throw down lots of money on just one item of clothing. I’m all about getting more bang for my buck. Which is why I went with a dress from Forever 21. Cute and affordable! Just what I like. I paired my fuchsia colored dress with some Lauren Conrad heels that I got from Kohls. The shoes are black with gold bows on them. Then I threw on a black blazer over the dress and then my Michael kors crossbody bag. I wore some forever 21 dangly earrings to accessorize my look. The dress and earrings kind of gave it a 20’s vibe which I really liked.

All in all I was really happy with the outfit I chose for the event. It went perfect!  Cute, comfy and cheap!





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