Has anyone noticed how a pair of sunglasses can crucially make or break an outfit?

It’s another accessory that just so happens to have a purpose other than fashion.

Lately I’ve been using my black pair to accessories my simpler outfits. Black sunglasses are such a staple and match with everything.

I love my black Fossil Sunglasses that I only paid $10 for at Marshalls.

I’m one of those people who lose sunglasses on the daily which is why I can’t fathom paying too much dough for a pair.

Luckily I can get great brand name Sunnies for cheap and not be too upset when something happens to them.

You can find name brand Sunnies at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Ross for really cheap so you don’t need to worry too much if you lose or scratch a pair.

Piece by Piece

One thing that I’ve learned about fashion, is that it’s kind of like a puzzle. You take these different pieces and you put them together to create a bigger picture.

I’m not at all a whiz when it comes to fashion, I put my pants on one pant leg at a time. So I come across moments when the pieces just don’t seem to be fitting.

Those are the days where we like to think “I have nothing to wear”

when in reality we have tons to wear we’re just not piecing it together correctly in that moment.

But when you piece things together it’s very satisfying.

Today was one of those days for me. When finally the pieces seemed to fit perfectly.

Hat: $4 Goodwill

Jean jacket: $25 Forever21

Top: $24 Urban Outfitters

Leggings $12 Victoria’s Secret

Purse: $8 Platos Closet

Memorial Weekend and My Current Go To

This week has been a rough one to say the least due to getting my wisdom teeth taken out. Wisdom teeth are no joke! Thankfully I just had my follow up on Friday and all is good. With good oral hygiene I will be well on my way and it came just in time for this beautiful 3 day weekend.

This weekend consists of church, a trip to the zoo, and of course, a little bit of shopping. Recently Marshalls has been a go to for me. I have been finding a lot of really great deals from $15 workout pants to a $5 porcelain cactus that looks adorable on my vanity.

They also have the cutest summer tops and shorts in right now. My only problem now is not enough money for everything that I want.

From my last visit I was able to find these cute white shorts for $9.99. They are perfect for summer and ridiculously comfortable. I will definitely be wearing these a lot this summer. I was also lucky enough to find this really cute purple off the shoulder top for $12.99. This top is another great comfy choice for the summer. There were a lot of great tops and shorts just like these for great prices, which is why I’m waiting till I can go back and get more!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Memorial Weekend!

Until next time

My 6 tips to Happiness

I know it isn’t always easy, being happy that is. We all have those days. The days we don’t want to get out of bed. The days where not enough caffeine in the world will help you get through your day or even week.

I have had these days. Quite often. Often enough that I’ve created a list of things that help me when I’m in this funk.

1. Set an Alarm: I know what your thinking, that sounds awful! Beauty sleep is essential but sleeping too long can make you even more tired. Whenever I set an alarm I am forced to wake up and get my day started and I feel a lot better. That is after my morning cup of coffee!

2. Workout: Some of you may be thinking I’m crazy but like Elle Woods said in Legally Blonde “working out gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy.” True statement. Find out what works for you. I start each morning with a quick 30 minuet workout video. There are other options that include running or yoga. Choose whatever makes you happy!

3. Dress up: I don’t mean this literally or maybe I do. For me, that’s wearing clothes I feel cute in, curling my hair, and wearing some light makeup. It’s proven that when you look good, you feel good. Confidence is key, so wear whatever you feel confident in to get your day going!

4. Get outside: It doesn’t really matter where you go just as long as you go somewhere. I am more likely to get into a funk when I am lying around the house. So head to the mall, go watch a movie, or go on a hike. Do something! You will feel like your day is more accomplished.

5. Make plans: Sometimes we just need something to look forward to, whether that’s short term or long term, big or small. I love planning vacations even if it’s a year away and in the meanwhile making plans with friends or date nights with my husband will get me through the week.

6. Treat yo self!: Even if you are on a tight budget, in financial classes they always talk about taking care of yourself. So treat yourself to something that makes you happy. Whether that’s a cute dress, a mani and pedi or even just a latte from your local coffee shop. Hey! If your wallet allows for it you can do all 3. You work hard and deserve to treat yourself. Otherwise you’ll just drive yourself crazy!

We’re all human and reality can suck sometimes, which is why it can be hard to be happy because there are so many reasons not to be.

I don’t always feel happy but step by step I can get there.

What are your tips to being happy?

Dear Mom

Dear mom,

I wish that I could go back

To 13 or 15, or 17

When I didn’t understand life all that well

When smiling for a picture was the hardest thing to do

and being right was more important than loving you

I wish that I could go back

And spend more time with you

Rather then spending so much time in my room

I wish that I could go back

Just to say I love you more

Rather than mumbling so many I love you too’s

And if I could go back

I would tell myself

That loving you was easy to do

And how you would be the best friend I never knew

And how lucky I am to have you





Animal Kingdom

This week I am sharing with you all my top favorite things to do at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! This park came in as my #1 and for many reasons.

The first thing on our agenda was Kilamanjaro Safari. From my experience it is better to get a Fastpass for early in the morning because the animals are up and about.

This is similar to the Jungle Cruise except your on land and the animals are real! This is the closest I have ever gotten to a giraffe.

My favorite ride here is Expedition Everest. If you are a fan of roller coasters then you will want to get on this ride. Going backwards is the best part! We got on this ride so many times on this trip and had such a great time. Try riding during the day and at night. They also offer single rider if you don’t mind going it alone.

At this point you’ll probably be hungry, I know we were. So we headed to the best restaurant in the park, Yaki and Yeti. If you do decide to dine at this place you must try the poke nachos. These are the best I have ever had and they are a pretty decent size. Everything I have tried at this restaurant has been delicious so I don’t think you could go wrong with whatever you order. But this is definitely a must do at this park, trust me!

After lunch we checked out another ride that I enjoy which is Dinosaur. If you are familiar with Indiana Jones at Disneyland then this ride is the equivalent but with dinosaurs. Maybe it’s just me but I thought this ride was scary but hey this is coming from the girl who gets scared at some of the fantasyland rides at Disneyland.

If you are able to make it to the end of the night then I recommend staying to watch their new show ‘Rivers of Light’, a show that includes light, sound, and water. It’s a beautiful show. They offer two showings but you’ll have to get there early because it fills up fast. We arrived an hour and a half early and were lucky to get a spot. They do offer fast pass for this show but again we didn’t have any luck on getting one and when getting your fast passes in advance you can only choose 3 in a day so sacrifices must be made.

I think the reason I love this park so much is because it’s a combination of an amusement park and a zoo. It’s such a fun and different concept and you will definitely enjoy all the animal habits while walking around the park.

You’ll also want to make sure to take a picture with the tree of life, a 145-foot tree covered with animal carvings.



My EPCOT recommendations 

After my recent trip to Walt Disney World I wanted to share with you all my recommendations of things to do at each of the parks for those of you that have never been and are wanting to go or even if you have been and need some recommendations for when you go back!

 Epcot was one of my favorite Parks. I would rank it as my #2. This park doesn’t have as many rides as some of the other parks but the World Show Case is amazing and definitely something to check out.

 Being that last year when I went the Frozen ride was not up and running, that was on our list to do for this year so we made sure to get to the park early and head straight there. This ride is a cute water ride and with it being new I think it’s a must. But only if you are planning on getting to the park early and heading over right away. I have heard the lines can get up to 2-hour waits. Or if you are lucky enough to get a fast pass then you don’t have to worry.

 We unfortunately were not lucky enough. If you are staying at the resorts you get to choose your fast passes 60 days in advance and this year we stayed off site and so we were only able to pick them 30 days before.

 My favorite ride at this park is Test Track. It’s a great concept and It’s super fun! You get to customize your own vehicle then test out the vehicle you created, ending with a speed test. This is a must do! This is another ride that I recommend you get a fast pass for

 The other ride I really enjoyed was Soarin Over the World. It’s a nice relaxing ride that takes you on a journey to different parts of the world.

 Something that I think is pretty cool and doesn’t take too much time is to walk through the butterfly exhibit. A ton of butterflies flying all over the place, how is that not cool? You can even come into contact with some friendly Butterflies that will land on your finger if you just hold it out.

 Now to the World Show Case

 We started in Mexico on our adventure and had Tacos De Barbacoa, Chips and Guacamole and a frozen Margarita at ‘La Catina de San Angel’. This place was great and was my favorite place to eat at all the showcase food options and that margarita, yum!

 Inside the Mexican Pavilion is a little water ride, which is not listed as a ride on the map but more of a tour. I think a lot of people miss this for that reason but its something cool to try out and there was no wait when we went.

 Two Words: Grapefruit Beer! If you are going to drink alcohol at all on this trip Germany is the place to do so. I kid you not, you will not want to miss out on this deliciousness.

 The next worthwhile stop you should check out is in Japan. If you are a fan of shaved ice like I am then you will love the shaved ice from Kabuki. I ordered the Rainbow shaved ice with condensed milk and some sushi because it is japan and I love sushi!

Either option is great and yummy!

 I have always wanted to Visit Paris and so of course I had to stop by Paris for some macaroons and a Mimosa. At Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie you can get desserts, sandwiches, flat breads and alcohol! They have a wide variety so there’s something for everyone.

 Now that’s enough for food although I could go on for days when it comes to food, especially at Epcot because there is a lot to choose from but these were my favorite.

 If you are a fan of Fireworks which I’m sure you are then you will want to stick around for Illuminations. With the whole park surrounding the water I can’t see there really being a bad spot to watch but if you were looking for a great spot we watched in Mexico.

 I loved all the little details that Disney put into this park with the rides and especially the world showcase. This was park was phenomenal and I wouldn’t expect any less from Disney.






13 reasons

I recently finished watching The Netflix Original 13 reasons why

If you were like me it only took you 2-3 days to finish. After watching I was instantly hooked.

Since this show has become so popular there has been so much controversy regarding the content of the show. If you are not familiar with the show just yet, the show is about a teenage girl that commits suicide, but before doing so she leaves behind 13 tapes that reveal the 13 reasons why she killed herself and leaves them for all the people involved.

I personally loved the show. It made me feel many different emotions while watching it and I think that if a show can capture its audience and make them feel something then that’s a sign of a good show.

Now from what I have been reading the show has been receiving some criticism for portraying suicide as something “glamorous”

How could that be you may ask?

By having Hannah, the character that commits suicide, narrate the show, it’s as if she is still aware of the aftermath of her tapes and able to witness how they have affected the people in them, which in a way grants satisfaction.

This is one person’s outlook on it.

Another view on the subject is that when they do finally show the scene where she kills herself, which they do, one person said that it is almost viewed as if her passing away is “peaceful”

You know after she screams and heavy breathes.

I think that if you are someone that has gone through something like this or knows someone who has then this show might be a difficult show to watch.

The way I saw this show was more of a rude awakening for the people on the tapes and how bullying and slut shaming can have a very negative affect on peoples lives and how we should be aware of the way we treat others. This was more of my outlook on the show rather than the actual suicide because the whole point is that if these random events never happened then Hannah would still be alive.

It is a very emotional and thought provoking show to watch and I think if people are in a good position to watch it that It’s a great show to watch.

Did I mention Selena Gomez was an executive producer?

What are your thoughts on the show?


13 reasons

Easter Vibes ✌🏻️

Enjoyed a beautiful service this Easter and my first time at this new church. I’m so blessed to have found a second family and with whom I can share in my love of God with. “He has risen”

Following my church service, I was able to be surrounded by my husbands family as we played games and ate good food. 

What more can you ask for

And what’s Easter Sunday with out a floral dress and some cute sandals 


I’ve come across quite a few people who have looked at me weird for my obsession with used clothing. 

When you hear of the word used I’m sure you think of something that’s dirty, not of good quality, messed up, or not as good. 

I used to think that too, way long ago. 

Here are a few reasons why I fell in love with thrifting 

1. Why pay full price when I can pay half, or a quarter of the actual cost

Most of the time I’m purchasing things that are still in great condition and paying much less than if I had boughten it brand new. And guess what, no one can even tell!

2. I find Things that no one has.

I’ve gotten quite a few people who have told me “I love your top, where did you get it?” To which I reply “a thrift store” “damn” 

3. It’s fun! 

When you walk into a thrift store you never know what you’re going to find.

You don’t get that same thrill at a regular store cause you have an idea what’s in store, literally…

White blouse: $2.39 from Goodwill

Sandals: Steve Madden $28 from poshmark